X5 Retail Group and Unilever start accepting plastic for recycling

On August 2 at the opening ceremony of the new store "Perekrestok" in the shopping center "Megapolis" on Prospekt Andropova, 8 launched a joint project of Unilever and X5 Retail Group to collect waste plastic packaging.

Now customers can return used plastic to the specially installed in the store fandomat: for example, they can return PET bottles from beverages and HDPE bottles from household cleaning products. In exchange for the donated bottles the fandomat gives out coupons with 10% discount on some Unilever goods - Domestos, Cif and Glorix brands. At the same time, the vending machines appeared in six Perekrestok supermarkets and three Karusel hypermarkets. Coupons received from handing over plastic bottles are valid in all stores of these retail chains.

In this project the company "EcoTechnologies" undertook maintenance of the fandomats and recycling of the returned waste. And the removal of waste from the stores will be provided by "Sphere of Ecology".

We believe that our joint project will be successful and recognized, and very soon there will be more fandomats!