Launched the largest chain of fandomats with Procter & Gamble, Magnit and Dima Bilan

On September 29, 2020 in Moscow with the participation of Dima Bilan an opening ceremony of the chain of fandomats for plastic containers, installed by Procter & Gamble and the chain of retail stores "Magnit" within the project "Give Plastic a Second Life" was held.

By his own example Dima Bilan, the ambassador of the campaign "Give Plastic a Second Life" showed a simple mechanics of recycling plastic packaging in a fandomat.  Konstantin Rzaev, managing partner of EcoPartners (EcoTechnologies), clearly illustrated the "second life" of plastic by showing various products made of recycled packaging: bottles, stuffing for soft toys, linoleum and profiles for children's playgrounds made of recycled plastic.

The goal of the project is to popularize responsible consumption and expand the available infrastructure for plastic packaging collection and recycling. During 2020-2021, 80 fandomats will be installed in Moscow and Krasnodar within the framework of the initiative, and the network of plastic reception will become the largest non-governmental structure in Russia.

The producer of the fandomats - infrastructural partner of the project, GK "EcoPartners" ("EcoTechnologies") - among other things provides the careful transportation of the collected waste for recycling to its Tver Recycling Plastics Plant. #The machines installed in the network can accept recyclable plastic packaging of any manufacturer, marked 1PET (food and chemical, i.e. beverage, milk, cosmetics and domestic products bottles), 2HDPE (cosmetics and domestic products bottles) up to 2 litres in volume.

For larger-sized plastics (1PET, 2HDPE, 5PP), as well as bottles without a barcode, garbage cans are installed next to the fandomats. The collected plastic is additionally sorted and sent for recycling. For each package returned through the fandomat the customer receives a discount coupon for subsequent purchase of P&G products made of recycled plastic. This mechanic is designed to encourage the purchase of recyclable plastic products.

According to preliminary calculations, one fandomat is capable of receiving from 200 kg of plastic waste per year, so in a year the new network of 80 fandomats will take about 16 tons of plastic for recycling.

"In my 20 years as an artist I have been able to earn a high trust rating with my fans, so I really hope that my participation in the Give Plasticity a Second Life project can have a positive impact on them. A perfect world is when everyone cares. I know that the power of music can consolidate a huge number of people, to motivate them to take further action. That is why my role in this project is to draw people's attention to their habits, to become more responsible to themselves and the planet we live on", - commented Dima Bilan, singer and actor, on his role in the campaign.

"Procter & Gamble has made a commitment to be a leader of positive change-and we have tremendous resources to do it. These are our expert scientists, our partners, the stars - the faces of our brands, and the consumers of our products. Together we can dramatically increase the scale of the action we need to take to make our planet a greener place. Creating a walking distance infrastructure for recycling plastic packaging is an effective way to do this",- Sotirios Marinidis, Head of P&G Eastern Europe.

The next stage of the project in "Magnit" chain stores came to an end - from the beginning of July to the end of September 2020 customers of P&G products participating in the campaign could vote for one of the Russian cities, where according to voting results children's playgrounds made of recycled plastic will be built. Veliky Novgorod, Taganrog and Dzerzhinsk were the leaders in the open vote.

"The joint project with Procter & Gamble has specific objectives - to reduce the negative impact of plastic waste on the environment and the formation of a culture of responsible consumption. Magnit stores in our country are located in almost 4 000 cities and towns, which means that the geography of our actions to increase the positive impact on the environment is very broad. Through our geographic reach we want to give people in Russia more opportunities to consume responsibly and tell them that everyone can help solve the plastic problem," said Jan Dunning, President and CEO of Magnit retail chain.