Fandomat in the office of the company "Polyus" (Полюс)

The office of Russia's gold mining leader, Polyus, was equipped with a BottleBank™ machine to collect tare for recycling. The BottleBank™ machine was installed in the Moscow office on 17th of June. Now the employees can hand in plastic bottles, vials and aluminum cans to give them a second life. The collected plastic waste will go to the Tver Recycled Polymer Plant, and the aluminum waste will go to our reliable partner.

On 18th of June, Alena Antipenkova, curator of eco-education, held a webinar for Polyus employees to tell them how to use the fandomat and debunk the most popular environmental myths. We proved that there are recycling plants in Russia, learned the truth about garbage islands and figured out what the real problem of plastic pollution is.